You Need To Protect Your WordPress Website Against Hackers And Bots

Bots and hackers are both significant threats to WordPress websites. If you don’t take proactive measures to protect your site, then you can lose everything you store on your computer drives. If you want to avoid this scenario, please take the following steps:

Keep your themes and plugins up to date

Just like your core WordPress software, themes and plugins get updated from time to time as well. This is important so that these themes and plugins remain compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Also, if you don’t update, chances are hackers and bots will find something to exploit so they can access your site.

Ensure your version of WordPress is up to date

WordPress gets updated pretty regularly, and they do this for a good reason. With the sheer number of automated attacks carried out on WordPress websites daily, it’s important that the software is frequently updated to stop hackers, bots, and botnets in their tracks. If you don’t update your software, then it’s like you’re sending an invitation to hackers telling them to exploit the vulnerabilities in your non-updated software.

Backup your website regularly

For your peace of mind, it’s best to back up your website regularly. There are several plugins you can choose from on the Plugin Directory that offers automated daily backups. More importantly, you’d want to consider using a plugin that offers a 1-click restore feature. Even if your website gets hacked, you can still restore your site easily.

Ensure your username and password are strong and hard to guess

You don’t want to use the old ‘admin’ username and password combination. That’s the first thing bots guess when they attack a site. You’re practically giving them free access to your site! For better security, you should use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Keep your login details in a secure location, or you can use a password manager such as Roboform to help keep your details safe.

Hire a WordPress security expert if you are unsure

Plugins can only do so much. In the end, bots are programmed by human hackers who can make these nasty pieces of computer code as sophisticated as they can. A human WordPress security expert is your best bet if you want to keep your site safe. One who is good may be costly, so keep this in mind, but may well be necessary if you get intotrouble.

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